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    Crypto-currencies are set to take the online world by storm as their popularity and uses increases and its financial future seems veritably bright around the globe. With the arrival of crypto-curriences, we are moving to the world that uses currencies secured by crypto-graphical systems. Due to advanced technology and significantly intense demand of crypto-currency, it has attract worldwide investors.
    Since the creation of the virtual currency Bitcoin, dozens of companies and startups founded and have been constantly developing in the BTC field which helped to strengthen the currency and set up successful projects that harnessed the power lies within the Blockchain to create attractive products.

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    crystal-ftrade.com is a company that owns both major Crypto trading Company. This way we are able to take advantage of our abilities to offer our customers high returns and constant investment growth. Why use the services of banks and trading houses? crystal-ftrade.com presents to you the possibility to simplify significantly the process of your investment. Today traditional investments demand extensive knowledge in trading, exchanges, and a lot of time to keep track of frequent changes in foreign exchange rates, shares and government bonds. With crystal-ftrade.com you do not need to know anything, the company's experts do all the necessary procedures themselves and you enjoy high and fixed interest rates perpetually with the possibility of terminating your investment any time!

Who We are

    crystal-ftrade.com is online investment platform, which welcomes all the investors worldwide. crystal-ftrade.com is founded by team of qualified experts, professionals traders and analyst specialized in the field of crypto-currency trading having more than 6 years of trading experience in crypto-currency market with successful trading records.
    At crystal-ftrade.com, we believe in trust and transparency. Our key objective is to increase return on your investment through crystal-ftrade.com platform. The knowledge and practical skills of crypto-currency market of our experts formulate strategic advanced plans of investment, which guarantee success on your investments.

What we do

    crystal-ftrade.com is engaged with leading crypto currency trading. It has no doubt that market of Bitcoin is incredibly increasing, So we offer our customers different and suitable investment plans tailored to meet the needs of both small and big investors.
    We ensure maximal profit to each of our investors and keep possible risks by effective ways to their investments at the lowest levels. We put all the efforts to secure the deposit of investments upon achieveing maximum business profitability.

Why Invest with Us

    “Bitcoin is merely not a money, It’s a movement”- a crusade in the costume of currency. Bitcoin has changed the people’s attitude and there are many supporters who believe that crypto-currency is the future. Considering the futuristic demand, crystal-ftrade.com has came up with an automated platform dedicated to emerging Bitcoin market investments guided by strong and dynamic technical and financial management team fruitful to work in field of crypto-currency trading.
    We offer unique and amazing investment plan to people worldwide who want to be our investors to get reliable and stable source of income. You accruals will be progressive daily on an ongoing basis and makes profit every hour with an ability to withdraw any time. Our proposal is a best opportunity for Bitcoin beginners and excellent option for experienced investors.

- Mining Rig maintenance ! -Jun 07, 2018

Yesterday we met the blockchain sever team regarding auto withdrawal authentication, which caused users to withdraw instantly. But now Blockchian has returned to normal, now can use bitcoin to make deposits and withdrawals. Thank you for your patience.

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Our Best Features

  • Earn Hourly Profit
  • Deposit & Pay Instantly
  • EV SSL Certificate
  • Stronger DDOS Protection
  • Real Registered Company
  • 24*7 Support & Help
  • Deposit as low as $200
  • Min.withdraw is $200

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